Who Can Apply?

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To be eligible for the award of a scholarship, applicants MUST:

  • Be a citizen of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Not have residency status in any other country
  • Be medically and physically fit to complete the academic programme
  • Have been accepted or applied to an accredited or recognised academic institution to pursue an accredited/recognised course of study.

(Except for scholarships offered to nationals of other countries)

Please note:
Each scholarship offered has specific requirements. You must carefully review all the information stated in the advertisement to determine your eligibility for the scholarship.



On Completion of Studies – Obligatory Service

After you have completed your period of study, you will be required to serve a specific period of obligatory service in the Public Sector.  The period of obligatory service ranges from one [1] year to five [5] years based on the total cost of the scholarship.

Please Click here for more information on Job Obligation.